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Detoxing Dry Body Brush



  • Cruelty Free
  • Suitable for Vegans


The must-have accessory for daily dry body brushing to keep skin and body in tip top condition.


Create your very own spa at home detoxing routine with this luxurious body exfoliating brush and cellulite massager.


Dry brushing skin is an ancient spa practice that has many benefits. The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and so it makes perfect sense to adopt this wonderful treatment at home. Dry skin brushing is said to help improve skin texture by increasing circulation, eliminating dead skin cells, and helping to give your whole body a detoxing spa experience. Body brushing will to help you feel totally revived and give your skin back its healthy glow.


Not suitable for sensitive or broken skin. Avoid use on neck and face. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Not suitable for children. Consult your midwife or GP for suitability during pregnancy.



  • Smooths & revives skin tone
  • Boosts circulation
  • Healthy, glowing skin


How to use:

Follow this routine daily or every 3-5 days for 5 minutes a day to invigorate and energise.


On dry skin, before you shower or bathe, take the brush in the palm of your hand. Start brushing at the feet and work up the legs, using gentle, sweeping movements towards the heart. Then work on your hands and move up the arms the over shoulders, back and body. 


To prepare the skin for a fake tan:

Thorough exfoliation ensures an even tan that will last longer. Before exfoliating in the shower, body brush your entire body from feet upwards, avoiding the face, neck and sensitive areas of the chest.


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