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Hands up for Serums and Oils!

One thing to think about with serums and oils is that facial serums are used to to target specific skin concerns, whereas oils are more for getting great hydration.

The formulas for serums are highly potent and are wonderful for wrinkles and fine lines, that dull or spotty skin and infused with antioxidants, vitamins and lots of gorgeous skin nourishing ingredients that soak into the skin nice and deeply. Over a few weeks you usually start to notice your skin looks healthier and radiant. Personally I love the way it feels lightweight on the face and great for layering underneath your moisturiser.

Oils are just as scrumptious, rich in texture and deeply nouriushing and and restorative, providing your skin with a mega dose of hydration but...go careful as too much can clog up them beautiful pores.

So it’s the serum for me 🙌🏻

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