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Weekly Unlimited 



  • Must be used in 1 week
  • Purchase online & bring in your order number to our salon to get started!



Weekly Unlimited Course

  • We strictly adhere to the Sunbed Act (2010) and under 18’s are NOT permitted to purchase UV packages or minutes online and will NOT be permitted to use UV services in-store*. If you are lucky enough to look under 21, we will ask you for proof of age in store before we will allow you to use UV tanning equipment. Please don’t be offended if you are asked, this is for your safety. This would need to be photo ID in the form of a passport or driving license and include a date of birth.

    At Spoilt we take responsible tanning seriously. We provide a FREE tanning consultation service to all clients in store which reviews a client’s skin type and recommends responsible tanning options.

    You must leave a minimum of 24 hours between tanning session. You will be refused use of our UV tanning if there is less than 24 hours between sessions.

    You must use eye protection on every visit. We provide free disposable eye wear in every tanning room. Please use these to protect your eyes every time you tan.

    If you are undergoing medical treatment or have photosensitive skin, you must consult a medical professional before using our equipment.

    If you are pregnant, we will not permit the use of our UV tanning equipment. We can offer you a spray tan treatment after your first trimester. 

    You must not use our tanning equipment if you have already been sunbathing in natural sunlight or had another sunbed that day (or plan to).  

    If you have an excessive number of moles (over 50) or have anyone in your immediate family who has had skin cancer you should seek medical advice before using UV Tanning equipment.

    By using our equipment, you acknowledge your understanding that using tanning services may result in skin ageing and potentially increase the risk associated with certain skin cancers.

    Alcohol consumption or use or illegal substances is not permitted before or during your session, if for any reason a member of our team feels you may be under the influence you may be turned away from your appointment.

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