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SKIN TRUFFLE - Brightening & Rejuvenating Face Cream

50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz.


  • Suitable for Pregnancy

  • Contains Gluten

  • Contains Seeds

  • Contains Alcohol

  • Sutiable for Vegetarians 

  • SLS / SLES Free

  • Paraben Free


A luxury face moisturiser that brings immediate radiance as well as powerful hydrating benefits for complete facial rejuvenation. Our best anti-ageing moisturiser for wrinkles and fine lines.


This ultimate rejuvenating facial moisturiser brings instant hydration, radiance and lustre as well as powerful anti-ageing goodness. Five years in the making by a crème de la crème team of skincare specialists in the field of derma-science in Switzerland, this unique formula utilises the very latest in peptide technology along with a fusion of natural actives that will bring immediate as well as long term results. It’s a recipe of all things associated with celebration – black summer truffles, champagne, diamonds, strawberries, chocolate, gold & silk, combined with skin boosting peptides to help reduce the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles. Finally we’ve added the really clever HappyBelle-PE, to help revitalise your skin with a radiant glow, and so that’s why we call Skin Truffle ‘happiness in a jar’!



  • Hydrates & rejuvenates
  • Revives a dull, lacklustre skin
  • Instant radiance


How to use:

Use daily as a luxury moisturiser or apply before a special occasion to bring an extra boost of happiness and glow to your complexion.

SKIN TRUFFLE - Brightening & Rejuvenating Face Cream

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