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GOOD TO GO - Foaming Face Cleanser & Wash

170 ml / 5.7 fl.oz.


  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Minimum 30% PCR

  • SLS / SLES Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Contains Seeds

  • Alcohol Free

  • Contains Lavender

  • Suitable for Pregnancy


A bouncy foam skin cleanser that washes off to leave you feeling clean and uber fresh. If you're blessed with pretty normal skin and love natural goodness, then you'll adore GOOD TO GO foaming face wash.


Perfect for no-fuss people on the run who need a quick yet effective wash-off cleanser that leaves the skin soft and nourished without feeling taut. The clever pump miraculously transforms the liquid formula into a luscious creamy foamy texture.


The naturally bountiful and highly nutritious formula includes aloe vera, carrot, bergamot, lemon, tangerine, cucumber, honey, watercress & multivitamins. It’s Mediterranean market goodness!



  • Cleanses & balances
  • Fresh & comfortable skin
  • Non-drying


How to use:

Splash the face with clean water, then work two pumps of this creamy lotion into a foam on the skin using upward circular movements. Rinse with clean water. 
Fabulous for keeping in the shower.

GOOD TO GO - Foaming Face Cleanser & Wash

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